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Chevron B8 of Andy Newall claims thrilling Guards Trophy win

Monday, August 30 2010

Andy Newall has claimed a thrilling win in the Guards Trophy for Sports Racing Cars, his Chevron B8 finishing less than a second ahead of the similar machine of the charging brother pairing Jason and Guy Minshaw.

The Minshaw's started second, but made a superb get away to lead into Old Hall, with the rest of the pack jostling for position behind.

Newall started third but moved up to second after the pole sitting car of Andrew Smith encountered problems on the opening lap and was forced to pit. Newall though was under heavy pressure in the early laps and at one stage crossed the line just over a tenth of a second ahead of the Chevron B8 of Nick Fleming. But he was able to break the tow and created a gap.

Guy Minshaw who opened the stint for the brothers had by now opened up a decent lead of five seconds, but was the first leading runner to stop on lap 11.

The early decision was to prove crucial as the Chevron, now driven by Jason, resumed down in eighth place, and encountered traffic his cause not being helped by a spin by Tony Bianchi at Knickerbrook.

Meanwhile Newall was on his own up front and was able to put in a solid string of laps before his stop on lap 15. He re-entered the race just ahead of Minshaw, and crossed the line on lap 16 2.870s ahead.

Minshaw though was lapping quicker and whittled down the lead, the gap down to 1.6 seconds within three laps.

Newall was then held up by traffic, and began to lose grip, sliding the car around Knickerbrook, losing momentum and allowing Minshaw to claw ever closer.

The pair started the last lap separated by just 0.8s, and it looked as though Newall had thrown the race away with an off track excursion at Knickerbrook, but managed to just hang on, even extending his lead by a tenth to claim a tense win.

Steve Hodges made it an all Chevron B8 podium, with James Schryver's Chevron B8, fourth, Graeme Dodd moving up from 20th to finish a remarkable fifth in his Ginetta G16 and Matthew Watts' Lotus 30 rounding out the top six.

Guards Trophy (Sports Racing Cars), Oulton Park result:
1. Andy Newall, (Chevron B8), 21 Laps
2. Jason Minshaw/Guy Minshaw, (Chevron B8) +0.954s
3. Steve Hodges, (Chevron B8) +16.240s
4. James Schryver, (Chevron B8) +39.954s
5. Graeme Dodd, (Ginetta G16), +45.563s
6. Matthew Watts, (Lotus 30), +1m12.185s
7. Joe Twyman, (McLaren M1B), +1m16.188s
8. Ross Maxwell, (Chevron B8), +1m16.835s
9. Denis Welch, (Lotus 23B), +1m42.262s
10. Nick Thompson/Sean McLurg, (Chevron B6) +1 Lap

The next major car meeting at Oulton Park is the GT Cup Championship and Lotus Elise Trophy on 11 September. For more information call 0870 950 9000 or click the link below