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Oulton Park prepared for thrilling day of car racing action

Monday, June 14 2010

The British Automobile Racing Club visits Oulton Park this Saturday (19 June) for a day of exciting club racing.

One of the highlights will be the Chevron GR8 challenge, a one make series featuring the first Chevron GT car to be built in over 41 years.

Designed and built in eight months, the new cars develop over 250 horsepower and weigh less than 600kg, and will be breathtaking to watch around the undulations of the Cheshire circuit.

Slipstreaming action will be provided by the Easytrack Caterham Graduate championship. With Caterhams renowned for their thrilling racing, Oulton Park should be the scene for some gripping on-track battles.

Graeme Smith leads the way but Charles Fitzhugh is just a single point behind in second.

Also in action on Saturday is the Lancaster Insurance MGOC Championship, now in its 30th season. Full grids are expected featuring MGs of all ages, shapes and sizes split between four classes.

Completing the line up is the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon series, which features modified and special cars with separate classes, all based on cars originally built for the road.

Cars range from hatchbacks to Caterhams and TVRs, and with an average of over 30 cars per race in 2009, there is almost guaranteed action.

Tickets for the British Automobile Racing Club at Oulton Park on 19 June are available from £10 for adults, with free entry for children ages 12 and under. For more information call 0870 950 9000 or click on the link below.