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Gold medalist Jason Kenny trades his Ginetta drive for a Radical

Sunday, June 16 2013

Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny swapped his Ginetta for a Radical SR3 this weekend at Oulton Park to take part in the 90 minute Radical Feature race.

The race brought together SR8s, SR3 and even the new SR1s into an endurance race and Kenny, three times a gold medal winning Olympian, snapped up the chance to experience the speed of a Radical. He usually races in the Ginetta G50 Championship, but a local race in a new car proved too much of a pull.

"It was just a good opportunity really, I would have liked to do the Ginetta race at Snetterton but this has been ideal. With it just being Saturday I get Sunday off with training on Monday. Here's local for me too, with Snetterton being such a long way Ginetta called and it was just a great opportunity."

Partnering SR3 front-runner James Abbott, the Bolton man finished sixth against some impressive drivers and machinery.

"It was really good, I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have a longer stint as all the racing I've done has been more of a sprint. I sat into a rhythm and really enjoyed it. Today was the first time it has been dry really when I've driven the car.

"I tried to not lose too many laps getting used to the car and tried to push early on. I was pretty happy with the pace I settled on ultimately. We got sixth overall and fourth SR3, but it would've been nice to get a podium. We were at the podium when James handed over and we had a really good pit stop until I stalled it on the way out. That didn't help but we wouldn't have caught him anyway."

As for the future, Kenny remained loyal to his usual steed, Ginetta, but he's seemingly staying open to whatever's next.

"I couldn't say to be honest, I really enjoyed it but obviously I'm a lot more comfortable in my Ginetta. I'm looking forward to going back to see if I've improved by driving a different car because these are a lot quicker. I'm hoping to do every race with Ginetta this year and we'll see."

Picture courtesy of Dave Sandford.