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Monday, August 25 2014

Long-time Oulton Park doctor Gordon Falconer was presented with a special trophy on Sunday to celebrate his contribution to the running of the medical facilities in motorsport over the past 50 years. MotorSport Vision's chief executive Jonathan Palmer personally congratulated him on his achievements at the circuit's medical centre on Bank Holiday Monday at the Gold Cup.

"I started my first house job, after qualifying at Guys Hospital in London, in orthopaedics", Gordon reflected on his medical beginnings. "Then one September or October, the senior registrar said they're short of doctors at Brands Hatch for the Race of Champions, and I said yeah no problem.

"I like motorsport and I used to come and watch it as a student, so he said go and find the chief medical officer and he'll give you your equipment. So I traipsed off down to Brands and found the chief medical officer, who was a retired GP anaesthetist. He gave me an ample of morphine and a tourniquet and that was it. And that's where I started, though of course things have come a long way since then."

After a lengthy stint in the Brands Hatch medical team, Gordon returned home. "I carried on working down there until 1971", he commented, "then I came back to Manchester at which time I decided to specialise in gynaecology. Of course, being a gynaecologist seems a bit strange, but there's actually several of us doing it and we all have our advanced life trauma support certificates, which is renewed every four years".

Even after all this time, Gordon remains incredibly fond of the Cheshire circuit and the people that he works alongside. "I've always liked working at Oulton Park", he said, "There's always friendliness about the place and the people here work very hard. You talk to other circuits that have trouble finding doctors, but at Oulton we've got a very good medical centre and it's a nice part of the world.

"I'll probably have to give it up now because of regulations with validation", he acquiesced, "I'm over 73 now so I'll probably have to pack it in". But when asked whether or not he would continue to be a regular once his officiating days are over, he replied, "Oh yes definitely!"

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